The Oak + The Ax is located at 140 Main St. Suite 107 in downtown Biddeford Maine.
You'll find our entrance left of Bebe's Burritos. Walk down the hall, out the back door and into the first door on your left, or you can enter through the back alley.
Parking is on Main St. or in the Municipal lot across from our Main St. entrance, near Palace Diner.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Featured Artist!

Pamela Jeanine DeSantis

If you haven't seen her work, please immerse yourself here.
Pam's work has a definite look. Few people achieve their "look" as successfully. I think to gain that lens into which others can understand you, your style and mood and inspiration need a strength of confidence that can sometimes be most pure and true if it comes from ones environment. That's what I see when I look at her work; Maine and the dying of it's intensely saturated colors fading out but holding on into Winter.

Pamela creates jewelry and mixed media work of all kinds. She also helps run The (amazing) Hive in Kennebunk.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Featured Artist!

Patti Sandberg Ceramics

Patti attended our first craft fair last year, and we're so excited to have her back!

Here is a piece of her bio from
"My functional work is inspired by my two favorite things, animals and vintage housewares. I collect all sorts of vintage and i am in love with the colors and designs. It gives me a comforting feeling of a time i didn't know, like being at my grandmothers house, or looking at old pictures. I feel nostalgic for for the colors of my house when i was young. 
I also love animals and incorporate them into most of my work simply because the relationships i have made with the animals i have met and loved have inspired me and continue to do so."

Patti lives and works in Portland Maine, where she teaches at the same school where she received her BFA in ceramics, The Maine College of Art. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Featured Artist / Perfumist!

Kittywitch Perfumery
I wish you could smell the goodness through the screen! The one creating these potions is a very magical woman indeed, creating new scents all the time to complement or combat the season just right. I always have the most fun smelling each and every scent, letting them stew and coming back to choose exactly the right to suit my mood. That's what these perfumes are; moody, fun, sensual and magical.
 "Our perfumes are created in small batches, in a petite studio out in the woods of Hollis, Maine. The perfumes are composed in a water base using the fines,t purest fragrance oil blends & essentail oils, plus whole bunches of love are added too! Combining magic and aromatheraphy is our speciality. Enjoy perfumes from our "ready wear" line, or let us create a custom perfume just for you!" xoxox

Get acquainted here...
Kittywitch on Etsy
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