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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Featured Artist!

Patti Sandberg Ceramics

Patti attended our first craft fair last year, and we're so excited to have her back!

Here is a piece of her bio from
"My functional work is inspired by my two favorite things, animals and vintage housewares. I collect all sorts of vintage and i am in love with the colors and designs. It gives me a comforting feeling of a time i didn't know, like being at my grandmothers house, or looking at old pictures. I feel nostalgic for for the colors of my house when i was young. 
I also love animals and incorporate them into most of my work simply because the relationships i have made with the animals i have met and loved have inspired me and continue to do so."

Patti lives and works in Portland Maine, where she teaches at the same school where she received her BFA in ceramics, The Maine College of Art. 

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